Are opticians doing eye exams with iPhones? Smart Vision Labs returns for an update

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By using new technology, more opticians are now able to offer auto-refraction to patients.  Some of them are having the data signed remotely and used as an eyeglass prescription.  Is this a convenience for patients and a business builder for the optician, or a public health hazard?  Is this part of the future of eyecare that should be embraced or avoided?
Listen to the this episode of the Power Hour when Yaopeng Zhou, the CEO of Smart Vision Labs calls in to discuss this important topic.
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2016


No one...NO ONE...knows more about satisfying an eyeglass wearer than an optician. Why? Because opticians spends....BY FAR... the most amount of time with eyeglass wearers. From lens design preferences to posture habits, opticians see the larger and more complete picture that represents what makes people happy with their eyewear. There's more, and we should talk.

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