Jim McGrann – CEO of VSP

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Tune in to this episode and listen as VSP’s CEO, Jim McGrann takes your calls and questions from Gary.  Topics include everything from VSP’s Premier program, VSP’s new relationship with CVS and just about anything else listeners want to call in and talk to Jim about.  Don’t miss this important and unique opportunity to hear how Jim responds to your questions answered directly from the CEO!

Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2016


VSP has become a parasite on the profession of optometry.

Their slogan is "We help people see."

Nope, that what optometrists do.

The slogan is an example of how they see themselves in controlling optometry.

Many people can't afford to see optometrists without VSP!

VSP was founded by and is still governed by practicing optometrists and provides access to over 80 million patients - hardly a parasite Robert.

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