Learn how a minute bit of prism can change your patient's life

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Guest: Mark Rosner, MD and Debby Feinberg, OD

Drs. Mark Rosner and Debby Feinberg have done some remarkable work in helping patients with headaches and vertigo who were previously told there was no help for their debilitating problems.  They didn’t do it with drugs, surgery, or VT.  They did it with prism.  Yes – eyeglass lenses with prism.  And more often than not, they prescribed very, very small amounts of prism.  So small in fact, that most doctors would swear, “There’s no way that minute of a correction could solve that big of a problem.”

Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Can you tell me what time this is on, as I will potentially be watching/listening on Thursday morning in Perth Australia.

Steve Leslie

The show is on every Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time

I do rx prism for TBI, concussion patients but not currently for headaches or vertigo (occasionally I do rx base=in for PTVS)

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