Myopia Control Update

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Guest: Jeff Walline, OD, Ph.D
Jeffrey J. Walline, OD PhD, Associate Dean for Research at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, is THE source for all things myopia and myopia control – and is the guest on this episode of the Power Hour.  Involved in all the major studies in this area (COOKI, CLAMP and CRAYON to name just a few) Jeff talks about what the research has (and hasn’t!) found and what lies ahead.  
Does spending time outside really make a difference in myopia progression?  Should you really be telling parents of myopic kids to limit time on their iPads?  Separate the myths from the facts on this important show.  


Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015


interested to see what new options are effective.

There was a study in 2002 by K Chung were they took 47 patients and undercorrected them all by .75D. They quit the study after 2 yrs bc it apparently sped up myopic progression......Has there been any studies that prove OVER correcting (over minusing) is also detrimental?

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