The Myopia Epidemic

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Guest: Professor Brien Holden

Tune in to this episode of the Power Hour when world renowned optometrist, Professor Brien Holden joins the show.  Brien talks about the growing myopia epidemic, why it’s growing so fast, why it’s important for OD’s to get involved, how to get involved and new research around myopia prevention.  This isn’t just about diagnosing and prescribing eyeglasses.  The epidemic has vast socio-economic and eye health consequences. Listen to this insightful and provocative discussion on this very important topic by one of the world’s leading optometric authorities!

Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Ortho-k, Multifocal distance center soft contacts, and atropine .025%,
Vitamin D BLOOD LEVELS, Outdoors 2-3hrs/ d, diet - low in carbs and sugars,
high in veggys and H20 , Omega 3s too , 20-20-20-20 Rule - good visual hygiene.
Say no more!

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