The President and CEO of Essilor joins the show!

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Guest: John Carrier, President and CEO, Essilor

John Carrier, long time industry veteran, President and CEO of Essilor takes YOUR calls.  Listen to the discussion about industry trends and touch on everything from where progressive lens technology is headed, online eyeglass sales and more!

Date: Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Do you have a CE webinar on progressive lenses?
I just gave a COPE approved presentation a few months ago on free form technology and highlighted the many special practical applications of progressive lenses using this advanced technology. An article titled: "The Progressive Use of Progressive Lenses" just appeared in Advance Ocular Care. I would be interested to participate.

Ask mr. Collier about the attention Essilor is placing on interacting with consumers through their major brand websites, Varilux, Transitions, Crizal, Definity. These are important venues for both consumers and ECPs

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