Sunshine Law - Part 2

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Guest: Rick Weisbarth, OD and Dave Rybak
We discussed it back in October and told you it was on the way.  Now that’s it’s here and in effect, we’ll get you up-to-date on the Sunshine Act.
If a sales rep leaves behind a pen or post-it notes on Monday, and prescribe more of their drug on Tuesday, are you in violation of this new regulation?  Are you required to keep track of how much the lunch with your contact lens rep costs and if you don’t, is there a penalty?  What if the lunch was $9 vs. $20?  What if that lunch is a buffet at your state meeting  and during that meeting, you walk through an exhibit hall and pick up a pen.  Is that a problem?  Are your patients accessing this information?

Get up to the second information on the Sunshine Act from Rick Weisbarth, OD and Dave Rybak, two industry veterans from Alcon and Vistakon.  Even if you do something as seemingly benign as attend an industry sponsored CE event, you should listen to this show to learn about this important new law.


Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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