Throw away your phoropter

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Guest: Dr. Keith Thompson, Digital Vision Systems

Dr. Keith Thompson from Digital Vision Systems joins the show and talks about new technology that could very well replace your phoropter and be a genuine “game changer.”  Keith is the head of the team developing this breakthrough technology and the implications for your practice are staggering. 

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Did you invite Vmax Vision's CEO Shui Lai to speak about his latest technology on point spread function? He does say it measures subjectively, tests for nighttime vision, and ten times easier on the patient.

I have only very rarely used my photopter since the early 1980s using instead the Humphrey vision analyzer 210 . This amazing instrument has outshone the phoropter in accuracy and technology by projecting virtual lenses "in the air" in front of the patient's eyes and continuously varying the sphere, cylinder, prism, extraocular muscle balance, stereopsis and powers for a near vision evaluation. This vision analysis is performed with no photopter between the doctor and the patient to blockade the doctors view of the patient's eyes and a precise monitoring of vertex distance from the virtual lenses. I am anxious to see how well a patient's subjective binocular vision can be evaluated in substantially less than one minute or is this instrument an objective non binocular and only monocular evaluation without a near vision analysis?

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